- December 28, 2016 -

Great Expectations: Small Businesses Upbeat About 2017

Associated Press

Donald Trump's election as president has made many small business owners more upbeat about 2017.


While many business owners are more confident because their revenue looks to increase in 2017 due to the overall improving economy, they're also optimistic because they expect Trump to deliver on promises to lower taxes and roll back regulations including parts of the health care law. But owners may not be expecting overnight relief — many recognize it will take time to see what the administration's plans are, and what it will accomplish.


"The election does give me more optimism than I would have had otherwise," says Kurt Steckel, CEO of Bison Analytics, which does software consulting. Bison's inquiries from prospective clients, small companies that are looking to expand, have nearly doubled since the election. 


Jones is optimistic that Trump's pledge to improve the country's roads and other parts of its infrastructure will mean more government contracts, and in turn, more business for his company.

"As long as the administration sticks to the promises he (Trump) made during the campaign, I definitely see opportunities for small businesses," Jones says.

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