July 13, 2020

HEARTLESS: Joe Biden Would Force Students into Failing Schools


The Joe Biden-Bernie Sanders “Unity Task Force” calls for killing the private school choice program in D.C. and an all-out-war against charter schools and school choice in America. Biden defended charter schools in 2001, but now his marching orders come from special interest groups more interested in protecting their own power than doing what is best for children.

Biden sent his own kids to private school, but he wants to deny that same choice to parents and force them to send their children to failing schools. Biden says that if he’s elected, charter schools are gone. Black, Brown, and low-income families would bear the brunt of Biden’s heartless policy.

Of the 1,732 students that received an opportunity scholarship in Washington, D.C., last year, more than 82% were Black and almost 12% were Hispanic and/or Latino. The average household income of a recipient was $26,440. In Pennsylvania, more than 50,000 students remain on a waiting list after a school choice expansion bill was vetoed by the Democrat governor, a Biden supporter.

“In a number of low-income minority communities in New York City, charter school classes and classes in traditional public schools are held in the same buildings, serving the same communities,” notes Thomas Sowell. “Some of the contrasts are almost unbelievable.”

Parents understand what’s at stake. That’s why strong majorities support school choice policies, according to surveys.

President Trump and his administration are working to make sure all American students have the opportunity to succeed in a school that meets their needs, whether it’s a public school, private school, or charter school. Parents should have the power to choose – but if Joe Biden gets his way, they won’t have a say at all.

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