March 21, 2020

Here’s The Misinformation Joe Biden Will Spread in His Coronavirus “Shadow Briefings”

The surge in support for President Trump’s leadership must be causing the Biden campaign to panic. Joe Biden’s nakedly political “shadow briefings” aimed at undermining the public health officials in charge of the coronavirus response efforts – as well as the President of the United States’ uplifting message of hope and optimism – will not make Americans more safe.

Just today, the Biden campaign’s “briefing” on the origins of the coronavirus fails to mention China even once, allowing the communist regime’s misinformation campaign to go unchallenged, while spreading more debunked lies and misleading claims: 

  • The Biden briefing video touts the creation of the NSC pandemic office in 2016 at the end of the Obama Administration while leaving out the fact that the Obama-Biden Administration scrapped the White House Health and Security Office in 2009, at the beginning of the administration.
  • The video falsely claims that under President Trump, “No one on the National Security Council staff was put in charge” of pandemics. As determined, “some team members [of the NSC pandemic office] were shifted to other groups, and others took over some of [the top official’s] duties.”

Biden’s politicization of the coronavirus outbreak is shameful. His “shadow briefings” will no doubt feature the same false information that fact checkers have already debunked:

Of course, the last time Biden was allowed to oversee the response to a pandemic, he made reckless comments unsupported by science and public health expertsThe Obama White House had to clean up his mess and apologize for his ineptitude.

Biden has proven he has nothing new to add to the public discourse around the coronavirus,repeatedly plagiarizing from President Trump’s plan and claiming Trump’s ideas as his own

And Biden has also shown poor judgment that would have led to more Americans getting the virussiding with the Chinese in opposing President Trump's China travel restrictions, which have been credited with saving lives.

In his rush to politicize the pandemic, Biden is recklessly spreading false information and sowing fear.

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