March 27, 2020

Instead of Helping More Sick Americans Survive Coronavirus, Media Lies About President Trump


Dr. Fauci said this week that he would “of course” prescribe hydroxychloroquine to coronavirus patients. “You want to give them hope,” and “these drugs are approved drugs for other reasons,” he said of the anti-malaria drug that President Trump touted as a potential treatment for Americans suffering from the virus.

You probably didn’t hear about Dr. Fauci’s comments though. They were ignored by the media because they were in agreement with what President Trump has said, and because they ran counter to the disinformation the media spread this week about President Trump being responsible for the death of a healthy man who decided to ingest fish tank cleaner.

The media also largely ignored a positive story about an American who thought he was going to die, but miraculously recovered from the coronavirus after being prescribed hydroxychloroquine by a doctor.

As President Trump and health experts like Dr. Fauci said, there is reason for hope. Sadly, the left-wing media is more interested in crushing that hope and grinding their ideological ax against the President. Even though many people have said the medication mentioned by the President saved their life or a loved one, Vox called it “reckless” and “quackery.”  

Compare this to the media’s reaction to New York’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo's encouraging announcement this week that New York would begin prescribing the exact same drug in clinical trialsHe was praised by CNN’s Brian Stelter for providing “hope,” and there were no snide or snarky blue-checked tweets about the governor risking people’s lives or ignoring science.

The media’s agenda is very clear. No wonder Americans trust it less than President Trump when it comes to handling the coronavirus.

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