July 21, 2020

Joe Biden (Again) Demands Coronavirus Actions That President Trump Has Already Done

In between looking at his notes and rambling incoherently about “voter registration physicians” on MSNBC last night, Joe Biden attempted to articulate what the President should be doing to combat the Chinese virus. The only problem? Everything Biden listed, President Trump has already done.

Biden said we need to increase coronavirus testing – but the United States already leads the world in coronavirus testing, with nearly 50 million tests completed and roughly 800,000 new tests being conducted per day. The United States is also testing and tracking asymptomatic cases, allowing officials to identify and stop local outbreaks faster than other countries.

Biden said we need a command officer to oversee vaccine development – but President Trump already put Army General Gustave Perna in charge of Operation Warp Speed to find a vaccine months ago.

Biden said we need to use the Defense Production Act – but President Trump already has, before Joe Biden first mentioned it. It was invoked to expand coronavirus testing technologies and capacity along with PPE and ventilator production. Because of the President’s leadership, no American who needed a ventilator went without one.

Biden said we need to provide financial support to businesses – but President Trump already created the massively successful Paycheck Protection Program, saving more than 51 million jobs, as much as 84% of all small business jobs in the country.

Biden said we need free coronavirus testing and treatment – but President Trump already ensured Americans are able to get tested for free by requiring insurance companies cover the costs of testing and prohibiting them from charging deductibles or copays. The Trump Administration also ensured people without health insurance were able to receive treatment without being charged.

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, Biden has always been two steps behind President Trump. When the President was taking decisive action to restrict travel from China to slow the spread of the virus and save American lives, Biden was busy criticizing the action as “hysterical xenophobia.” When the President took action to save American jobs, Biden tried to undermine the success of the Paycheck Protection Program.

Biden claims he wrote the “playbook” to combat pandemics, but Biden’s real record is a shortage of masks, a botched vaccine rollout, and a halt in testing.

Don’t believe Biden’s revisionist history: everything Biden says he would do, President Trump has already done. Joe Biden in the White House would be a deadly mistake.

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