March 25, 2020

Joe Biden Can’t Stop Lying About The Trump Administration’s Response to the Coronavirus


Fact checkers have repeatedly called out Joe Biden’s misinformation about President Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic – but he can’t stop lying.

Back on February 28, Biden told CNN – falsely – that President Trump had “silenced” top public health experts. quickly debunked this lie, writing, “Biden went too far when he claimed that Trump ‘hasn’t allowed his scientists to speak’ about the coronavirus.”

This week the Biden campaign tried again, claiming in a produced video that President Trump had “silenced” Dr. Nancy Messonnier of the CDC.

The Washington Post gave this new claim four Pinocchios, concluding that Biden advisor Ron “Klain’s framing of the Messonnier situation is simply wrong.”

Undaunted, Biden then went on Jake Tapper’s CNN show, pushing the same, debunked false narrative: “Let the scientists speak. Let them lay out the facts as they know them,” Biden said Tuesday.

Enough of this nonsense. Biden says his number one concern about the coronavirus is “misinformation,” but that’s exactly what he is peddling. He isn’t being honest with the American people – and they know it.

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