May 26, 2020

Joe Biden is Rooting Against Economic Recovery

TOPLINE: Politico reports that top Democrats are “spooked” and “panicked” by predictions of a historic economic recovery, explaining why Biden remains invested in lockdowns and prolonged economic misery.

Good news for America is bad news for Joe Biden. Asked by CNBC whether he agrees with experts predicting an explosive economic recovery, Biden laughed and said, “No, I don’t,” seemingly attempting to tamp down hope of a quick end to the economic hardship that millions of Americans are experiencing.

Before the coronavirus, Democrats tried to talk the country into a recession, and now they’d like to see the pandemic’s impact linger as long as possible. According to Politico, predictions of a historic economic bounceback that could create “the best economic data we’ve seen in the history of this country” are causing “panic” and “concern” among “spooked” Democrats, including Biden campaign officials who would rather hear forecasts of “a prolonged depression-level” economic slow-down. “This is my big worry,” said one prominent former Obama-Biden official.  

It’s no wonder Biden is supporting blue state lockdowns that could drag down the economy and preaching sit-down-and-shut-up economic misery while laughing off experts who may predict otherwise: a booming economy would be bad news for Biden’s campaign. Instead of following President Trump’s lead and promoting policies to get Americans back to work and spark a new wave of economic growth, Biden is rattling off a Bernie Sanders-inspired, radical liberal wishlist that includes raising taxes, killing jobs, and decimating American energy manufacturing.

The last time Biden was in charge, he presided over the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression. The Democrats’ biggest fear is that President Trump – who built a record-breaking economy once before – is going to do it again.

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