May 07, 2020

Joe Biden is Weak on China and Would Oversee Another Weak Economic Recovery


There is no denying that President Trump’s policies had the economy reaching unprecedented heights before it was artificially interrupted by the coronavirus. Now that the economy has been hit by such an outside force, the President’s record of job creation is even more salient. 

President Trump is already working tirelessly to get workers the help they need: he expanded unemployment benefits, distributed direct payments to millions of Americans, and is administering a Paycheck Protection Program that is keeping workers on the payroll. Most importantly, President Trump is working with public health experts to develop guidelines for states to safely begin opening again – and has a proven record of supercharging America’s economy.  

Joe Biden, on the other hand, is too “excited” about the “opportunity” to “fundamentally transform the country” and enact his extreme, left-wing agenda to focus on bringing America’s economy roaring back to life. The last time Biden was in office, this same mindset resulted in the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression – a “recovery” that Biden himself described in 2012 as a “depression for millions and millions of Americans.”

Apparently Sleepy Joe learned nothing from the years of high unemployment, stagnant wage growth, and economic suffering he caused – instead, he’s rewriting history and hoping voters forget. He’s just fine with Americans suffering through another Biden-directed “recovery” again if it means he gets to work with Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to ram their radical agenda down Americans’ throats.

And Beijing Biden, who has supported and defended China for decades, won’t hold that country accountable for inflicting the coronavirus on the rest of the world. “I definitely want Trump fighting against China rather than Biden, by far,” said one Wisconsin resident who voted for Obama-Biden twice before supporting Donald Trump in 2016.

There’s a reason voters trust President Trump over Joe Biden by 13 points when it comes to creating jobs. Come November, American workers can reject Biden’s terrible deal. They know President Trump has the right priorities: defeating the virus, reopening America, and making America’s economy great again.

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