July 08, 2020

Joe Biden Offers No Details On Fixing Supply Chain Problem He Created


Joe Biden suddenly wants to address America’s supply chain issues , but he’s about four decades too late to solving a national security problem he helped create.

While President Trump has been leading on this issue since he was elected, Joe Biden is only paying lip-service. Biden’s plan, the AP notes, “did not include specifics,” because it would require acknowledging Biden’s decades-long failure of supporting terrible, globalist policies and trade deals that put America last, sent manufacturing overseas, and helped China bleed America’s production capacity dry.

Biden failed to replenish America’s stockpile of N95 masks after the 2009 swine flu pandemic and spent the last year criticizing President Trump for holding China accountable for its trade abuses. Biden laughed off the idea that China is a competitor to the United States and denied that China is “our problem.”

In contrast, President Trump has been working since day one to clean up the mess Biden created. His guiding principle is “America First,” a principle Biden rejects. President Trump’s promised to take on China, oppose the globalist elites, and institute policies that would bring back America’s wealth. He kept that promise:

After decades of failure, Biden is offering more empty promises. President Trump has proven he will make the tough decisions and put America first, protect our national security, and bring our jobs and our supply chains back.

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