June 16, 2020

Joe Biden Plots With Radicals To Derail The Great American Comeback


TOPLINE: While President Trump is helping the economy come roaring back, Joe Biden is doubling down on his job-killing, tax-hiking agenda that will derail America’s economic progress.

Between the record-high May jobs report and the record-high May retail surge, it’s clear America’s economy is starting to roar back from the global pandemic. But instead of focusing on ways to get America’s economy back on track and Americans back to work, Joe Biden is huddling tonight with far-left climate radicals about his radical Green New Deal, plotting ways to raise taxes on middle-class families, shut down American energy manufacturing, spike household energy bills, and destroy millions of jobs.

Biden talks about energy jobs in the past tense, openly admits he will happily “sacrifice” hundreds of thousands of blue-collar jobs in order to achieve his extreme environmental agenda. Rank-and-file union workers have raised concerns about “immediate harm to millions” from the job-killing Green New Deal. Said one union leader“All it does is do what the Democratic Party seems to be very good at lately, which is export our jobs.” Joe Biden isn’t listening to them. Instead, he is siding with the extreme left-wing of his party after putting socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in charge of his campaign’s climate change policy committee.

Tonight’s event is a reminder of why Joe Biden presided over the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression: all he knows how to do is impose overly burdensome regulations, raise taxes, and kill jobs. Biden hamstrung the U.S. economy once before, and he’ll do it again.

In contrast, President Trump’s leadership led to record-low unemployment and surging wage growth that benefited Americans who were left behind by Biden’s weak “recovery.” Thanks to his continued leadership, the Great American Comeback is underway again.

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