April 28, 2020

Joe Biden Spreads Debunked Bank of China Hoax


Last week, the Biden campaign aggressively pushed a false story from Politico alleging that President Trump was in debt to the Bank of China. Team Biden used the false story in an attempt to neutralize any scrutiny of Beijing Biden’s record of siding with the Chinese throughout his 44 years as a Washington politician.

There was just one problem Politico’s story underwent a massive transformation within hours to reflect the fact that the Bank of China had no connection to the real estate deal in question since 2012, and only then for a brief three weeks. President Trump did not owe the bank anything.

On Monday, the DNC tweeted and quickly deleted promoting the debunked story. But that didn’t stop Joe Biden from perpetuating the hoax. In a TV interview, Biden spread the original false claim that President Trump “owes apparently millions of dollars to the Bank of China.”

Was he not aware of the correction to the story? Did he forget? Did he not care? None of the possible explanations are pretty, and they all indicate that this is a struggling candidate who knows he has a massive vulnerability on China.

Indeed, Biden was attempting to avoid answering a question about Hunter Biden’s own billion-dollar sweetheart business dealings in China. Biden bungled it badly. As the research director for the left-wing activist organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) said in the original Politico story, “There are definitely legitimate questions that are raised by Hunter Biden’s actions.”

This morning, Politico admitted that it was once again forced to correct its fake bombshell for a second time. “We regret we fell short in” getting the “facts straight,” Politico wrote in an editor’s note.

Biden has repeatedly parroted Chinese propaganda about the global pandemic, sided with China over the World Health Organization’s mishandling of the coronavirus, and attacked President Trump’s life-saving restrictions on travel from China as irrational “fearmongering” and “hysterical xenophobia.” Even before the coronavirus, Biden repeatedly sided with Beijing over American workers, arguing that China is not an economic threat and opposing President Trump’s efforts to hold the Chinese accountable for cheating on trade.

It’s no wonder Joe Biden is doing China’s dirty work: he has no good answers for his pro-China record and his family’s corruption.

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