March 26, 2020

Joe Biden’s Coronavirus ‘Emergency Plan’ is Radical, Recycled, and Too Late


Joe Biden’s “Emergency Action Plan” is late to the game, plagiarizing from the Trump Administration’s plan while brazenly taking advantage of the crisis to ram through radical left-wing pet projects that have nothing to do with the coronavirus.

Moreover, when it actually came to taking “emergency action,” Democrats in Congress needlessly obstructed critical legislation for days – and Joe Biden sided with them over millions of anxious American workers awaiting help. 

Joe Biden’s “plan” tries to take credit for actions the Trump Administration has already taken:

Perhaps most revealing, Biden is attempting to leverage American workers’ suffering to push through radical, left-wing pet projects. Biden said he views the coronavirus crisis as an “opportunity” to ram through his job-killing Green New Deal and burden even more Americans with higher bills, lost jobs, and smaller paychecks.

Biden has demonstrated throughout this crisis that he is wholly unfit to lead America. He routinely lies and spreads misinformation to undermine President Trump’s coronavirus response and play politics with this global pandemic.

The American people are watching and recognize strong, decisive leadership when they see it. 

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