May 28, 2020

Justice is Coming in Obamagate – Whether the Media Likes It or Not

Despite the vast majority of the media’s best efforts, the perpetrators of the greatest political crime in American history are beginning to be exposed. As highly respected U.S. Attorney John Durham of Connecticut reviews the origins of the Russia collusion hoax and the FBI’s corrupt targeting of candidate and then President Trump, and U.S. Attorney of Missouri Jeff Jensen unravels the corrupt investigation and prosecution of General Michael Flynn, highly respected Attorney General Bill Barr has appointed U.S. Attorney John Bash of Texas to investigate the Obama-Biden Administration's unmasking requests before and after 2016 election.

The power to unmask is one that then-Senator Joe Biden took very seriously. When it was alleged that Bush Administration official John Bolton had “been spying on rivals within the bureaucracy both inferior and superior to him,” Biden said, “while I doubt this … we have a duty to be sure that he did not misuse this data.”

A recently declassified email Susan Rice sent herself moments before Donald Trump was sworn in purports to recount a January 5, 2017, Oval Office meeting with President Obama, Vice President Biden, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, and FBI Director James Comey. The topic of that meeting? The targeting of General Michael Flynn, a former Obama Administration official who was at the time poised to become President Trump’s National Security Advisor, and the withholding of information from the incoming Trump Administration. If there is one thing we know for certain, Rice’s odd email is almost assuredly a sanitized, dishonest accounting of what actually happened.

We know that on March 22, 2017, just two months after Rice sent herself this email, she lied point blank to PBS Newshour’s Judy Woodruff. The question is simple: why?

WOODRUFF: We’ve been following a disclosure by the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, that in essence, during the final days of the Obama Administration, during the transition after President Trump had been elected, that he and the people around him may have been caught up in surveillance of foreign individuals and their identities may have been disclosed. Do you know anything about this?

RICE: I know nothing about this. I was surprised to see reports from Chairman Nunes on that count today. … So, today, I really don't know to what Chairman Nunes was referring[.]

Again, just two months prior to this answer, Rice sent herself an email documenting an Oval Office meeting discussion about one of President Trump’s associates caught up in U.S. surveillance of foreign individuals. So why did she claim to “know nothing”?

Rice was clearly hiding something, just as Joe Biden is now. As former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy wrote, “What Obama officials decided to conceal was the Obama administration’s investigation of the Trump campaign — a probe based on the absurd theory that Trump’s campaign had conspired in the Kremlin’s hacking and other cyber espionage operations.”

And thanks to other recently revealed information, we know the FBI knew its investigation was bogus and tainted by Russian misinformation in the Democrat-funded Steele Dossier.

This is a key point: it was the Obama-Biden Administration and then Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team who assisted Russia in interfering in our democracy – not the Trump campaign.

Asked recently by CBS News’ Catherine Herridge about this, Attorney General Barr did not mince words:

HERRIDGE: Newly declassified footnotes in the Horowitz report suggest that the Steele dossier was likely the product of Russian disinformation. And there were multiple warnings to the FBI at that time, yet they continued to use that. How do you explain that?

BARR: I think that's one of the most troubling aspects of this whole thing. And, in fact, I said it in testimony on the Hill, I can't remember if it was my confirmation, that I said I was very concerned about the possibility that that dossier and Steele's activities were used as a vector for the Russians to inject disinformation into the political campaign. I think that is something that Robert Mueller was responsible for looking at under his charter, which is the potential of Russian influence. But I think it was ignored and there was mounting indications that this could very well have been happening and no one really stopped to look at it.

HERRIDGE: These are very smart people who were working in the special counsel's office, and in senior levels of the FBI. So what drove them here?

BARR: Well, I think one of the things you have to guard against, both as a prosecutor and I think as an investigator, is that if you get too wedded to a particular outcome and you're pursuing a particular agenda, you close your eyes to anything that sort of doesn't fit with your preconception. And I think that's probably the phenomenon we're looking at here.

Mueller’s top prosecutor was Andrew Weissmann, an ethically challenged Hillary Clinton fan known for misconduct and having his prosecutions reversed by the courts. With Weissmann essentially running the Special Counsel’s investigation, it’s not hard to understand why the real Russian interference in our democracy went ignored.

Thankfully, Attorney General Barr is committed to uncovering the truth and holding any wrongdoers accountable. Meanwhile, Weissmann is set to host a campaign fundraiser for Joe Biden next week, following other Russia collusion hoaxers James Comey, Sally Yates, and Andrew McCabe in campaigning and fundraising for President Trump’s political rivals.

Does Biden care that Russian misinformation was weaponized by his administration to undermine our democracy and the peaceful transition of power? Does Biden care that Mueller’s team of angry Democrat helped cover it up? His fundraiser with Weissmann shows he does not.

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