RSVP for Grand Rapids, MI Rally
January 05, 2018


NEW YORK, NY – Lara Trump, Senior Advisor to Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., issued the following statement today in response to continued news about the booming economy under President Trump’s leadership:

“The numbers for 2017 are in, and the results are nothing short of amazing for what was once an ailing U.S. economy before the historic election of 2016. President Trump was responsible for creating 2.1 million jobs overall last year, including a dramatic turn-around in the manufacturing sector, with over 200,000 new jobs created, compared to a net loss of 16,000 manufacturing jobs in 2016. With unemployment at a 17-year low, including historically low unemployment among African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and military veterans, the Trump economy is booming across the board. Businesses of all sizes are rewarding their employees with record bonuses and capital expenditure investments, and families everywhere will see the benefits of President Trump’s historic tax cuts starting next month. With incredible results pouring in and a bullish outlook for 2018, Donald Trump can truly be called the Tax Cuts and Jobs President as he concludes his first year in office.”

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