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November 08, 2017

Lara Trump: History Being Made Ever Since Election One Year Ago

NEW YORK, NY – Today marks the one-year anniversary of Donald J. Trump’s election as President of the United States. While many observers will reflect on the historic nature of his victory today, since an outsider businessman received a mandate from the voters to drain the swap in Washington and Make America Great Again, the mainstream media will miss the larger story once again.

The real news is that President Donald Trump has been making history ever since November 8, 2016, as reflected in recent economic reports, including:

  • Nearly 1.5 million jobs have been added to the economy since the President took office.
  • The unemployment rate is at its lowest level since 2000 (Wall Street Journal)
  • An additional 24,000 manufacturing jobs were created in October.
  • U.S. worker productivity improved in Q3 at the best rate in three years (Morningstar)
  • The U.S. services sector hit a new record in October (Yahoo!)
  • Consumer confidence hit its highest level since December 2000 (CNBC)
  • More than 80 percent believe the American dream is within reach (Pew Research Center)

Commenting on the historic results thus far of the Donald J. Trump Presidency, Lara Trump, Senior Advisor to Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., said:

“It is amazing to think that an entire year has passed since my father-in-law received the blessing and privilege to serve the people of the United States as President.

“The real news is that he has been delivering on his solemn pledge to Make America Great Again.. Despite the unprecedented resistance he has faced from the news media, the Democrats, and even a few Republicans, President Trump has been making history ever since November 8, 2016.

“More people are working today, burdensome regulations have been eliminated, companies are making great investments and creating new jobs, and people can start to dream again as optimism hits new highs and parents can look ahead at endless new possibilities for their children.

“The President knows there is a lot of work to be done to help the middle class in America, especially through historic tax cuts, and he will never stop fighting to grow our economy and secure our nation.

“President Donald Trump has only just begun to drain the swamp and Make America Great Again.”

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