September 22, 2020

‘MAGAnomics’: President Trump Rebuilds American Manufacturing After Decades of Failed Democrat Leadership

After forty-seven years of betraying American workers and shipping jobs to China, Joe Biden is now attempting to pitch his socialist agenda of higher taxes and increased regulations to workers and business owners, but the American people know better than to trust him. President Trump built the greatest economy in American history, and only he can do it again. Representative Mike Kelly (PA-16) and Robin Barnes, CEO and principal broker of Latitude Luxury Real Estate, discussed all this and more on today's 'MAGAnomics' broadcast, hosted by Steve Cortes, Trump 2020 Senior Advisor.


"Joe Biden is an unabashed globalist and American workers simply do not support his history of bowing down to China and sending jobs overseas," said Steve Cortes, Trump 2020 Senior Advisor. "President Trump always puts America First and continues to win over blue-collar communities through his record of Promises Made, Promises Kept."

"As a businessman, President Trump understands how the economy works and how to lead the Great American Comeback," said Representative Mike Kelly (PA-16). "While Joe Biden is a disconnected career politician, President Trump is a leader that the American people can trust to put their interests first."

"As a business owner, I understand the enormous impact that President Trump's pro-growth agenda has had in revitalizing our economy," said Robin Barnes, CEO and principal broker of Latitude Luxury Real Estate. "Joe Biden has spent decades making empty promises to the American people. In contrast, we know we can trust President Trump to speak the truth and keep his word."

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