June 28, 2020

Media Admitted Joe Biden is ‘Confused,’ ‘In Hiding,’ and Lurching Left


One year ago, Joe Biden showed up to the first Democrat debate and delivered a sleepy, feeble, fumbling performance. The media reviews were not good.

David Axelrod questioned Biden's mental capacity, saying he "seemed somewhat confused to me in handling some of the questions and following some of the action." Other CNN personalities noted Biden's "wilting" and "weak performance," and that his campaign had “kept him in hiding.” “Maybe there’s a reason for that,” blurted out Anderson Cooper.

The Washington Post's Matt Viser said Biden’s handlers had kept him in “bubble wrap” and ensured he was “relatively scripted” and not “subjected to that many questions, that many unpredictable moments where you can easily go off script."

CNN’s John King noted that on issue after issue, Biden and the rest of the Democrat field were farther to the left than in any other previous election.

One year later, that’s all still the case. Biden frequently appears lost and confused. His handlers are keeping him locked in his basement. When they let him out, they keep him away from reporters. He hasn’t held a press conference in 87 days. Most of his virtual events are scripted, and many of the answers he gives in interviews are pre-written. When Biden does stake out a position, it’s meant to appease the far left – and it often contradicts the position Biden held throughout his decades in Washington.

Biden’s handlers are terrified that voters may find out what Sleepy Joe is really like. They desperately try to avoid moments like we saw this week, when Biden bizarrely claimed 120 million Americans had died from coronavirus, or when he confused President Trump with President Obama and forgot what question he had just been asked.

While President Trump is talking directly to voters and taking questions from reporters daily, Joe Biden is in hiding and avoiding any kind of scrutiny. Just as the media recognized a year ago, Biden simply isn’t up for the job

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