May 11, 2020

Media on Face Coverings: “Do As I Say, Not As I Do”


It’s no secret that some members of the media who cover the White House like to operate with a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mentality – and it’s why their latest attacks fall flat. 

Over the weekend, numerous reporters criticized and attacked White House officials and staff for not wearing a face covering, despite the fact that they were not wearing face coverings themselves. 

There’s also a big difference: while the President, Vice President and key staffers are tested regularly for the coronavirus, there’s no evidence that members of the media in the White House are being tested as often, adhering to proper guidelines, or quaranting with healthy individuals. 

On Friday, NBC News attacked the White House for not requiring staffers to wear masks. The New York Times followed suit. NPR attacked both the President and Vice President and said it was “controversial” for not wearing masks. CNN did as well.

Yet on May 1, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany held a press briefing and most, if not all, of the members of the press in attendance were not wearing a face covering. Here’s the evidence:

It was the same on May 6, when McEnany held another press briefing. Once again, most, if not all, members of the press were not wearing face coverings:

While members of White House media are determined to attack over this issue, President Trump, Vice President Pence, White House staff and others are leading the nation through the coronavirus pandemic, taking action, making a difference, and helping our nation heal. Perhaps the press could focus on what’s important and follow their own advice?

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