February 13, 2020

NEW POLL: Record Majority Agree They Are ‘Better Off’ Under President Trump


According to a new Gallup poll, 61% of Americans agree they are "better off" than they were three years ago when President Trump was inaugurated. It's the highest level Gallup has recorded in an incumbent re-election year since 1992. In fact, since then, it has never exceeded 50%. 

  • "If Trump asks Americans whether they are better off than before he came into office," Gallup writes, "most would say they are."

But you wouldn't know it listening to the 2020 Democrats, who preach economic  doom and gloom while ignoring Americans' record-high financial optimism and confidence.

Between higher wages, lower poverty, and record-low unemployment, it's now a verifiable fact that Americans feel better off than before Donald Trump was elected President.

Voters' choice in November couldn't be more clear: every single one of the socialism-supporting Democrats are offering extreme policies that will take an ax to this unprecedented progress.

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