January 28, 2017

Politico: Trump Is Doing ‘Exactly’ What He Promised On The Campaign Trail

President Trump is doing “exactly” what he promised on the campaign trail, Politico reporters Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman conceded in a newsletter blast Saturday, asking their readers: “Why are you surprised?”

The comment followed several headlines in Politico Playbook regarding Trump’s latest executive order issued Friday to ban immigration from countries associated with terror threats to the United States and to suspend all refugee entry for 120 days. Palmer and Sherman expressed disdain for the order, but went on to concede everyone should have seen it coming.

“WHY ARE YOU SURPRISED?” the bullet point read. “President Trump is doing exactly what he campaigned on.”

In addition to following through on his plan to ban immigrants from certain countries, Trump scored other easy wins his first week in offices through a series of executive orders that include one to build a wall on the southern border and another to implement an immediate federal hiring freeze.

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