May 05, 2020

President Trump Answers 3 Key Questions About Coronavirus

On Sunday, 3.8 million Americans tuned in to hear President Trump share his plans for safely reopening America.

During a town hall at the Lincoln Memorial, President Trump spoke directly to the American people, answered their questions, and reiterated that his top priorities are defeating the coronavirus and protecting the health of all Americans while safely reopening America for workers.

1. President Trump pledged get America back to work and jumpstart our economy – but that won’t happen if Democrats get their way.

“My ambition is to very quickly get us back to where we were and I think we can do that,” but not if “Democrats raise taxes,” President Trump said, explaining his plan to eliminate the virus, work together with the states, and safely reopen our country.  

Joe Biden’s radical plan to raise taxes would prevent America’s economy from getting back on its feet after the global pandemic, hurting hardworking Americans and increasing financial burdens on middle-class families.

2. The Trump Administration is developing coronavirus therapeutics and a vaccine at record speed.

Answering a question from a recovered coronavirus patient, President Trump assured Americans that his administration is working together with private-sector companies to ensure critical supplies and therapeutics are available to everyone who needs them.

The President also highlighted the Trump Administration’s efforts to build supply lines for a future vaccine to ensure all Americans have access to it when it’s ready.

3.  Speaking directly to students, parents, and teachers, President Trump explained his desire to safely reopen schools.

President Trump answered questions from a teacher eager to return to the classroom and an incoming high school freshman wanting to stay healthy next school year. The President highlighted the importance of reopening schools while protecting vulnerable teachers and students with additional safeguards.

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