July 15, 2020

President Trump Ensured Total Justice for the Victims of an Evil Killer

Joe Biden should explain why he believes Daniel Lewis Lee, an evil monster convicted of torturing and murdering a family of three, including an 8-year-old girl, did not deserve the death penalty.

Lee’s victims – William Mueller, Nancy Mueller and 8-year-old Sarah Powell – deserved total justice. The Trump Administration delivered it.

Biden supported the death penalty for nearly half a century, but in July 2019 he joined the rest of the radical Democrats running for president in opposing it.

Biden enthusiastically supported the death penalty throughout his career:

  • In 1991, Biden lamented that the George H.W. Bush administration only “obtained the death penalty on average for only four drug dealers” a year.
  • In 1992, Biden bragged that his crime legislation was so strict that “we do everything but hang people for jaywalking.”
  • The 1994 Biden crime bill expanded the federal death penalty to cover 60 offenses.
  • In 2000, Biden took credit for passing “the first federal death penalty” law after the Supreme Court’s 1972 ruling. 

With the Trump Administration slated to administer total justice to three more child murderers and rapists in the coming weeks, Biden should explain why they should be protected from paying the ultimate price for their evil, horrific crimes.


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