May 27, 2020

President Trump is Putting America First in Space


Today – for the first time in nearly a decade – American astronauts are launching into space aboard an American rocket from American soil. The Obama-Biden Administration neglected NASA for years and cut its budget, forcing America’s space program to rely on Russia.

Thanks to President Trump, space exploration is once again a top priority. In a "clear departure" from the Obama-Biden Administration, the Trump Administration directed NASA to orchestrate a human return to the moon and then to MarsPresident Trump also formed a new branch of the military, Space Force, to solidify America’s advantage in space. He revived the National Space Council and prioritized the planning of the first manned mission to Mars.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, hasn’t said much about the issue, indicating that in a Biden presidency, space exploration would take a back seat to Biden's radical, expensive climate change agenda. And in keeping with Biden’s decades-long record of bowing to Beijing, he has said that he wants to "make China a full partner in space exploration" instead of a "frustrated new entrant that has to catch up with the United States." Yes, you certainly wouldn’t want to put America first, would you, Joe?

A record percentage of Americans support the United States' space program. Since his first weeks in office, President Trump has laid out an agenda that will once again put America first in space and put astronauts on the moon and Mars. 

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