June 29, 2020

President Trump Strikes Deal To Secure Remdesivir Supply For States In Need


President Trump is working around the clock to safely reopen America while making sure medical professionals have the supplies they need to save lives and treat patients. The latest victory for the American people: the Trump Administration announced it has secured half a million doses of remdesivir, a life-saving drug that can reduce the time a patient spends in the hospital by up to a third, to be allocated to hospitals and states that need it.

“President Trump has struck an amazing deal to ensure Americans have access to the first authorized therapeutic for COVID-19,” HHS Secretary Alex Azar said. “To the extent possible, we want to ensure that any American patient who needs remdesivir can get it.”

The Trump Administration is ensuring that the United States continues to lead the world in testing. The U.S. is now testing over 500,000 Americans each day while tracking the spread of asymptomatic cases and partnering with states to save lives and safely reopen. Meanwhile, Joe Biden doesn’t seem to know what is going on and continues to spread debunked misinformation about testing that endangers public health.

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