March 24, 2020

President Trump Took Decisive Actions to Expand Testing, Help the Economy, and Keep Americans Safe


President Trump took concrete actions to rapidly expand testing and guarantee any American can get tested for coronavirus for free:

  • President Trump signed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which guarantees free coronavirus diagnostic testing.
  • The FDA cut red tape to significantly expand testing availability and issued emergency approval for multiple new commercial coronavirus tests.
  • The Trump Administration is working with state and local partners and the private sector to open up drive-through testing sites. 

President Trump took decisive action to make sure U.S. hospitals have the resources they need to mobilize against the coronavirus:

  • The Trump Administration's HHS placed an order for hundreds of millions of N95 masks through FEMA.
  • The President successfully urged companies to step up and produce more critical medical supplies.
  • President Trump instructed the U.S. Navy to deploy two medical ships to help support hospitals in impacted areas. 
  • The President announced Carnival Cruise Lines will be making its ships available for hospitals to use for non-coronavirus patients. 
  • The Department of Defense is making up to five million respirator masks and 2,000 ventilators available to HHS.

President Trump instituted unprecedented travel bans to slow the spread of coronavirus and keep Americans safe:

  • President Trump took early action in January to implement travel restrictions on travel from China, buying officials valuable time to respond to the virus.
  • President Trump responded to new global outbreaks by announcing European travel restrictions earlier this month. 
  • The United States reached mutual agreements with Mexico and Canada to restrict non-essential travel across our northern and southern borders. 
  • American citizens returning from travel-restricted countries are being routed to specific airports, where they can be screened and isolated as needed.  
  • The Trump Administration announced it will quickly send back illegal aliens apprehended crossing the border.

President Trump took critical steps to shore up the U.S. economy and help Americans economically impacted by the coronavirus:

  • The Trump Administration took action to ease restrictions on unemployment insurance programs for workers impacted by the coronavirus. 
  • President Trump signed legislation that provides paid sick and family leave for workers experiencing coronavirus-related employment interruptions.
  • The Trump Administration directed federal student loan lenders to allow borrowers to waive interest and payments without penalty for 60 days. 
  • President Trump directed the Small Business Administration to issue low-interest loans to small businesses affected by the coronavirus.
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