May 21, 2020

President Trump Tours Michigan Factory that is Rebuilding the Strategic National Stockpile Abandoned by the Obama-Biden Administration

President Trump is leading a vast public and private sector effort to rebuild our national stockpile and defeat the coronavirus.

As the President partners with the nation’s Governors, the Coronavirus Task Force, and the Council to Re-Open America, he is taking every necessary step to ensure that the Strategic National Stockpile is prepared to meet all future challenges. President Trump is simultaneously leading America through this crisis and also undoing the Obama-Biden Administration's irresponsible depletion of the Strategic National Stockpile.


President Trump visited Ford Motor Company's Rawsonville plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan to thank the business for producing much-needed medical equipment and rebuilding our Strategic National Stockpile. Ford has converted its factory in Ypsilanti to produce life-saving ventilators around the clock. President Trump offered his gratitude to the plant's workers, and re-iterated the need to rebuild our stockpile of medical equipment for future emergencies.

The President also held a discussion with leaders in the African American community to discuss the hardships that Black Americans have faced during the coronavirus outbreak. President Trump and his Administration are prioritizing communities of color during this crisis and have secured federal aid for underserved minority communities through the CARES Act.

Following the 2009 Obama-Biden Administration’s H1N1 response, the National Stockpile was left depleted and unready to combat a new national emergency. Even as experts raised alarms about the inadequacy of the stockpile, the Obama-Biden Administration refused to act or prepare America. This shortage of N-95 masks, respirators, and lifesaving drugs and equipment - created by the Obama-Biden Administration - left the United States unprepared for the coronavirus outbreak.

President Trump is both putting America First and ensuring our national safety by ensuring that the Strategic National Stockpile is no longer overwhelmingly dependent on foreign manufacturers. President Trump worked with Congress to secure $16 billion to build up the national stockpile with critical supplies, including ventilators, masks, respirators, and pharmaceuticals.

With the help of American companies like the Ford Motor Company, citizens can be confident that the Strategic National Stockpile is fortified against a potential resurgence of COVID-19 or the outbreak of any other respiratory virus. After learning of the flaws in the stockpile, President Trump rapidly activated Project Airbridge, allowing FEMA and HHS to identify which critical items were in short supply and quickly import them to take care of our nation’s front-line health care professionals.

Today, under President Trump’s leadership, the Strategic National Stockpile is ready for any future emergency. With a full 90 days’ worth of initial supplies, more American-sourced products, and a broader and deeper array of medical equipment, the Strategic National Stockpile is stronger than ever before.

Michigan by the Numbers:

  • On April 5, Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) said she was grateful to Vice President Mike Pence for being "very helpful" during the administration's Covid-19 response.
  • On March 30, Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) said she was "grateful" for the help her state has received from the White House.
    • "I have had a number of conversations with the Vice President from the White House on down," Whitmer said in an interview with ABC. "We have had a lot of help from the feds."
  • To date, the Trump Administration has provided Michigan with:
    • 426,920,630 Surgical and Exam Gloves
    • 20,991,178 N-95, Surgical, and Procedural Masks
    • 674,772 Eye and Face Shields
    • 4,998,503 Isolation and Surgical Gowns
  • As of May 8, 4 million Michiganders had received an economic impact payment from the IRS, totaling more than $7 billion in economic relief.
  • As of May 18, Michigan had received $125.6 million in Public Assistance Grants from FEMA as a result of the President’s approval of a Major Disaster Declaration for the state.
  • The second round of Paycheck Protection Program funding has protected 948,000 jobs in Michigan.
  • The Paycheck Protection Program has provided $16.2 billion in loans to more than 110,000 Michigan businesses.
  • The CARES Act is providing up to $3.87 billion in assistance to the State of Michigan and local governments to help in their coronavirus response.
  • As of May 19, the CARES Act has provided over $2.6 billion to Michigan healthcare providers.
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