July 08, 2020

President Trump’s USMCA Trade Deal Puts American Workers First

President Trump is hosting the president of Mexico to mark the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) taking effect—a “game-changer” trade deal that makes good on President Trump’s commitment to putting America First.

The contrast between the USMCA and Joe Biden’s disastrous NAFTA—one of the worst trade deals in American history—could not be clearer. NAFTA positioned many American farmers—particularly small, family farms—at a disadvantage in the global market; there’s a reason more than 960 prominent American agricultural organizations called for ditching NAFTA and endorsed the USMCA. In Florida, for example, tomato farmers cut their production by 25 percent at the same time as Mexico increased their production by a whopping 230 percent.

By nearly every measure, USMCA will be a boost to American workers and critical sectors of our economy:

  • USMCA puts American farmers first: The agreement will increase America’s agricultural exports by $2.2 billion. USMCA eliminates Canada’s unfair milk pricing program, gives poultry farmers new access to Canada, and makes it easier for American farmers to export wheat.
  • USMCA puts the American auto industry first: The pact will create an estimated 76,000 auto jobs, pump $34 billion in new domestic auto manufacturing investments into our economy, and add $23 billion in new annual purchases of U.S. auto parts.
  • USMCA puts American manufacturers first: American manufacturers will receive the largest percentage gains in wages, new jobs, and exports. USMCA will reduce wage disparity and bring manufacturing jobs back to America.
  • USMCA puts American small businesses first: By cutting red tape and streamlining international shipping, USMCA makes it easier for businesses to export their products—including eliminating customs duties for digital products and enhancing protections for intellectual property.

USMCA will be a job creator for the United States—and put an end to other countries taking advantage of the American economy. From Pennsylvania to Minnesota to Michigan to Ohio, there’s a reason workers across the country called for its swift ratification.

Joe Biden’s support for NAFTA cost the United States 850,000 jobs. While Joe Biden continues to push his decidedly anti-worker agendaPresident Trump is delivering for the American people.

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