September 28, 2017

President Trump’s Leadership and America First Policies Fuel Higher Than Imagined Economic Growth

Donald J. Trump For President Calls on Americans to Back “Middle Class Miracle” Tax Reform Plan

New York, NY – The U.S. Department of Commerce has revised its Q2 estimate of growth in the economy to 3.1%, demonstrating the effect of President Donald Trump’s leadership and policies, such as eliminating burdensome regulations, renegotiating bad trade deals, and strengthening our immigration policies. The news comes in the wake of the release of the President’s principles for tax reform and a major speech in Indianapolis where the President promoted his proposed “Middle Class Miracle” with historic tax cuts and revisions to the tax code.

Commenting on the updated report about the growth in the economy and the tax reform plan, Michael S. Glassner, executive director of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., stated:

“With the news that the economy grew even faster than imagined, President Donald Trump is already showing what he is capable of through his own leadership and America First policies, with little help from the political establishment in Washington.

“Now, imagine what the President can do for hard working families all across America if he has the help of every Republican in Congress, as well as Democrats, to reduce the onerous burden of taxes on the middle class and fuel unprecedented growth in our economy as never before.

“We encourage people to call their U.S. Representative and Senators and tell them to support President Trump’s Middle Class Miracle today.”

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