March 27, 2020

PROMISE KEPT: More than Half a Million Americans Have Been Tested for the Coronavirus


Two weeks ago, President Trump told Americans that he had ordered a complete overhaul of the outdated U.S. testing system to make sure coronavirus tests could be developed and delivered as rapidly as possible, and signed legislation providing free tests for those who need it.

Vice President Pence just announced that, as of last night, over half a million Americans have since been tested for the coronavirus.

The U.S. in the last week has done more testing than South Korea has done in eight weeks.  

As New York’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo agreed earlier this month, the Trump Administration has helped New York see a “phenomenal increase in testing.” The availability of tests have skyrocketed thanks to President Trump’s quick actions to cut red tape and mobilize the private sector to expand the development and availability of testing:

In addition, the Trump Administration is working with the private sector to open up drive-thru testingfund research for new rapid diagnostic testsencourage states to authorize their own tests, and take other actions to rapidly expand the availability of tests.

Learn more about the Trump Administration’s comprehensive actions to combat the coronavirus here.

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