June 22, 2020

REPORT: Biden-Led Lockdowns Creating Highest Unemployment Rates


The President Trump is renewing, restoring, and rebuilding America’s economy after the Chinese virus pandemic, and the country is off to a good start. May saw the single biggest month of job creation and single biggest surge in retail sales in American history. While President Trump supports safely reopening, Biden is standing in the way and encouraging more economic misery. After holding his last campaign rally in mid-March, Biden has been fear-mongering and spreading disinformation about testing capacity and reopening, urging states to stay locked down even while testing capacity was sufficient and experts agreed it was safe to start reopening.

Biden hasn’t held a press conference in 81 days because his handlers are likely terrified of him attempting to answer questions about the economic pain his resistance to reopening is causing, particularly among Black Americans. According to The Wall Street Journal, the states with the highest unemployment rates are run by Democrats who were slow to take steps to reopen:

Nine of the 10 states with the highest jobless rate are run by Democrats, who have tended to demand that the economy should stay locked down and in some cases are still resisting opening… Other states well below the national rate include … states that resisted total lockdowns or reopened sooner …

But so far these numbers suggest a tale of two U.S. economies. States that are reopening faster are recovering faster and easing more economic suffering. The states that put a premium on trying to reduce the spread beyond the original purpose of protecting hospitals and the health-care system are lagging.”

“It isn’t clear that those shutdowns reduced the rates of infection and fatalities from the coronavirus compared to other states even as they continue to do more economic harm,” reports The Wall Street Journal. Yet Biden refused to even acknowledge the possibility of reopening until June, weeks after the Trump Administration issued science-based guidelines to help get Americans safely back to work and governors from both parties took steps to do so.  

The Chinese virus artificially-interrupted the strongest economy any American alive has ever seen. Now, President Trump’s Great American Comeback is underway, but Joe Biden would rather keep American workers at home. After overseeing the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression, Biden simply has no credibility – particularly given that his plan involves a flood of unprecedented tax hikes and a War on American Energy that will drown job creation and take away paychecks from workers.

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