July 09, 2020

REVEALED: Joe Biden’s Interview Was Edited to Remove His Pledge to “Redirect” Police Funding

In the wake of Joe Biden saying police have “become the enemy” and calling for police funding to be cut and redirected elsewhere, the corporate media rushed to do damage control for their preferred candidate.

Bloomberg’s Jennifer Epstein appears to have been fed a fuller transcript of Biden’s remarks in the interview. Epstein claims that in response to a question about whether he supports redirecting police funding into social services, mental health, counseling, and affordable housing, Biden replied, “Yes, absolutely. And by the way, not just redirect, condition them. If they don’t eliminate choke holds, they don’t get Byrne grants…”

But this is not what the video of Biden’s interview shows. After Biden says “Yes, absolutely,” the video is awkwardly edited to cut to Biden saying “and one of the things we also need to be doing is fundamentally … changing the way we deal with our prison system.”

What happened to that key phrase, “not just redirect”?

  • If Epstein is correct, that means the NowThis video was specifically edited to take out Biden himself using the word “redirect” to describe what he would do to police funding. Why was that edited out?
  • And how does Epstein know what Biden actually said? She doesn’t say. Was she provided the raw audio? Was she given a private screening of the full interview? Is she just taking Biden’s handlers’ word for it?
  • Who edited the video? Did the Biden campaign play any role in ensuring the interview was edited to remove Biden saying he would “redirect” police funding to things like social services and housing?

Given that the Biden campaign is trying to deny that Biden said what he said, these are important questions.

The full video of Biden’s answer should be released immediately so Americans can see it for themselves.

There’s a reason why Biden’s handlers prefer pre-scripted events and pre-written answers and pre-recorded interviews: it helps them hide Biden’s decline and habit of saying things that contradict the policy positions they have carefully chosen for him. Biden likes to tell far-left activists what they want to hear – and in this case, he expressly endorsed taking away money from police and redirecting it to other things.

Release the full video!

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