July 06, 2020

SORRY JOE: Data Confirms 51 Million Jobs Saved Thanks To Paycheck Protection Program


For months, Joe Biden lied and said President’s Trump Paycheck Protection Program wasn’t working. He ordered his surrogates to slander the program and falsely claimed despite the evidence that it was a "corrupt recovery" that only helped the wealthy and hung small business workers out to dry. Data released today by the Trump Administration further prove just how wrong Joe Biden is.

According to the new datamillions of loans from the Trump Administration's Paycheck Protection Program saved more than 51 million jobs across the United States over the past few months:

  • PPP loans protected as much as 84% of all small business employees in the entire country.
  • One-quarter of those jobs (13 million) were in Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUB Zones).
  • Across 50 states, 72% - 92% of estimated small business payroll was covered by PPP loans.

Millions of workers continued to receive paychecks through the global pandemic thanks to the Trump Administration's effective management of the Paycheck Protection Program. Joe Biden tried – and failed – to undermine and slander the program at every turn. What's good news for American workers is bad news for Joe Biden.

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