June 05, 2020

Stunning Jobs Report Proves Joe Biden Was Wrong About Everything


Joe Biden’s campaign received the bad news they were “dreading” this morning: May’s jobs report shows the U.S. economy is ready to come roaring back. The economy added 2.5 million jobs last month, the largest one-month gain in U.S. history as workers impacted by the coronavirus rejoined the workforce. While there is still much more work to be done to help the millions of Americans still hurt by this global pandemic, President Trump’s efforts to protect American workers and businesses are clearly working.

This jobs report is an absolutely stunning rebuke of Joe Biden, who has been proven wrong about everything. Economic management has never been Biden’s strong suit. Last month, Biden was asked about the possibility of a jobs report like this, and he dismissed the idea with a laugh. If America had listened to Joe Biden, critical coronavirus relief funding would have been sidelined in favor of Nancy Pelosi’s radical liberal wish list and America would remain on absolute lockdown with no jobs in sight.

There is still more progress that must be made, but it’s clear that President Trump has put America on the right path to greatness. Joe Biden, on the other hand, has been wrong about everything and pathetically staked his campaign fortunes on a “prolonged Depression-level economic catastrophe.”

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