June 22, 2020

Team Trump on the Road: Tulsa, Oklahoma - President Trump Returns to the Campaign Trail, Touts The Great American Comeback


Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. hosted 'Team Trump on the Road: Tulsa, Oklahoma Part 2' to highlight Team Trump's return to the road at President Trump's Make America Great Again rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday. The President's speech was viewed by almost 20 million Americans, including a record-setting 7.7 million viewers on Fox News as well as almost 12 million viewers on the campaign's streaming sites, demonstrating the nationwide support for the President's re-election. 'Team Trump on the Road' featured some of the President's best lines of the evening, from his mention of the record-smashing May jobs report to his embrace of patriotism and the American flag. The broadcast painted a sharp contrast with the lackluster Biden campaign and highlighted President Trump's indictment of Joe Biden's rapidly diminishing mental capacity. President Trump's strong record is driving enthusiasm from voters around the country that Joe Biden could only dream of, despite constant fearmongering from the mainstream media and attacks from violent protestors.

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