July 30, 2020

Team Trump Online! Triggered: Beijing Biden Kowtows to China While President Trump Puts America First

Beijing Biden is a shell of a candidate, owned by the Chinese Communist Party and the radical left. His far-left platform would undermine American workers, make our communities less safe, and give China the upper-hand in the global struggle against communism. Only President Trump is willing to put America First and stand up to the woke mob. Former United States Ambassador to Japan Bill Hagerty and Coach Mike Ditka discussed all this and more during tonight's 'Team Trump Online! Triggered' broadcast hosted by Donald Trump, Jr.


"Joe Biden and the radical left are on a mission to destroy America as we know it, and the mainstream media and big tech companies are actively pushing the Left's disastrous agenda," said Donald Trump, Jr. "Despite the Democrats’ ‘cancel culture’ and social media censorship, the American people know that our country needs four more years of President Trump’s strong leadership and unwavering patriotism.”

"Beijing Biden has spent nearly fifty years in Washington selling out American workers and putting foreign nationals first," said Bill Hagerty, former United States Ambassador to Japan. "This November, Republicans need to keep the White House and Senate and retake the House, because only President Trump and his fellow conservative lawmakers are willing to stand up to Marxist agitators, both abroad and at home."

"I support President Trump because he is a hardworking, honest man who will always put America First," said Coach Mike Ditka. "In these times of crisis, we need four more years of President Donald J. Trump to put America back on the right path."

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