June 30, 2020

THE DIRTY (BAKER’S) DOZEN: 13 Coronavirus Lies From Joe Biden Debunked By Fact Checkers


Joe Biden will stumble out of his basement today to spread more false claims about the coronavirus. His botched facts, tall tales and outright lies have repeatedly been debunked by independent fact checkers – and not all of it can be dismissed as a result of Biden’s “fuzzy concept of time.” How many of these 13 false claims will Biden recycle again today?

There are many more examples of Biden just making stuff up or contradicting the facts, but here are THE DIRTY (BAKER’S) DOZEN that have been examined and debunked by independent media fact checkers:

Biden falsely claims that he wrote an op-ed in mid-January warning that a pandemic was coming and calling for action.

  • Washington Post: “The article itself was more of an attack on President Trump… than a detailed plan for action against a possible pandemic.”
  • Washington Post: “He did not say back in January that it was a pandemic, only that it was a possibility.”

Biden falsely claims 36,000 lives could have been saved “if he had listened to me… and acted just one week earlier.”

  • Washington Post: “Moreover, he did not specifically call for social-distancing measures as early as March 1 or even March 8, though he implies that he did.”

Biden falsely claims that he called for the use of the Defense Production Act “before anybody” and as early as January.

  • Washington Post: “The earliest we can find that Biden called for invoking the DPA was March 18, in a news release… Biden’s statement came just minutes after Trump first said he would invoke the DPA.”
  • PolitiFact: “Biden was far from the first official to call for use of the Defense Production Act… A full 18 days before Biden made his first public comment on the act, Trump’s Health and Human Services secretary had publicly floated the idea, and Trump made it official the same day Biden made his remarks… We rate the statement False.”
  • Associated Press: “His call came the same day Trump signed an order to use his authority under the act.”

Biden falsely claims that he warned not to trust China “from the beginning.”

  • Washington Post: “Biden again suggests that he said this in January. But he first said China could not be trusted Feb. 26.”

Biden falsely claims he called for U.S. experts to go into China in January.

Biden falsely claims that the Trump Administration made “no effort” to get U.S. medical experts into China to investigate coronavirus.

  • “Joe Biden was wrong when he said that the Trump administration made no effort to get U.S. medical experts into China.”
  • By the time Biden said this, 50 days had elapsed since the U.S. first tried to get scientists into China, according to The Washington Post.

Biden falsely claims he called for temporary hospitals to be built “months ago.”

  • Washington Post: “Biden hadn’t raised building hospitals ‘months ago.’ He first mentioned doing so March 12 during his speech on the coronavirus[.]”

Biden falsely accused President Trump of refusing World Health Organization testing kits.

  • PolitiFact: “The WHO never offered to sell test kits to the United States.”

Biden falsely accused President Trump of eliminating the White House Pandemic Response Office.

  • The Washington Post: “[T]he [NSC] staff slots did not disappear and at least initially the key mission of team remained a priority. So one can also claim nothing changed and thus Biden’s criticism is overstated.”
  • “[S]ome team members were shifted to other groups, and others took over some of Ziemer’s duties[.]”
  • “[T]hat doesn’t mean the entire ‘team’ was ‘fired’ … or that all of the functions of the office were eliminated.”
  • National Security Council official Tim Morrison called Biden's claim “specious.”

Biden falsely accused President Trump of muzzling scientists.

Biden’s campaign falsely accused President Trump of “silencing a top CDC official.”

Biden falsely accused President Trump of cutting funding for the CDC and the NIH.

  • Associated Press: Biden is “wrong to say the agencies have seen their money cut[.]”
  • “It’s misleading at best to claim Trump ‘slashed funding’[.]”

Biden falsely accused President Trump of calling coronavirus a hoax.

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