October 28, 2020

The National Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council Endorses President Donald J. Trump, Applauds the Administration’s Strong Action on Immigration

With the President in Arizona today, the National ICE Council endorsed President Donald J. Trump for re-election because of his strong commitment to commonsense immigration policies that advance the prosperity, safety, and security of all Americans. While Joe Biden has championed policies that would move America toward open borders and prioritize illegal immigrants over American workers, President Trump has taken strong action to secure our borders and enforce the rule of law. In Joe Biden's America, 11 million illegal aliens would be granted amnesty and given taxpayer-funded healthcare and work permits so they can compete against Americans for jobs. Meanwhile, President Trump has proven he will always put America first, support our immigration and law enforcement officers, and protect our borders. In an endorsement letter to President Trump, National ICE Council President Chris Crane writes: 

"While Joe Biden has been and continues to be a champion of policies that would endanger millions of Americans, you have been holding the line on immigration, public safety, the rule of law, and national security. Thanks to your hard work and commonsense policies, America is stronger than ever before. In our opinion, the choice in this election is clear: we need four more years of President Donald J. Trump to continue building a stronger, greater, and safer America, and we are truly proud to once again endorse you for reelection."

Click here to read the full endorsement letter.

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