March 26, 2020

THE NUTTY “PROFESSOR”? Joe Biden Just Forgot He Was Vice President for 8 Years

Despite his fat paychecks from the University of Pennsylvania, Joe Biden never taught a single class. That hasn’t stopped him from repeatedly describing himself as a professor or a “teacher.”

In February and again last night, Biden forgot about the eight years he served as Vice President and said that when he left the U.S. Senate he became a “professor.”

In fact, students’ tuition dollars didn’t start flowing to Biden until 2017, after he left the White House. One student wrote that it was “outrageous” Biden was being paid “to essentially do nothing but sporadically show his face on campus.”

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Biden blacked out the eight years of the Obama presidency. In September, he referred to George W. Bush as “the last president.”

Biden claims he’s “not going nuts” but given his obvious issues, sometimes “you just wonder.”

He’s not playing with a full deck, folks.

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