June 29, 2020

Three Left-Wing Radicals Walk Into A Joe Biden Fundraiser

Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro (or as Biden mistakenly called him, Cisneros): When he’s not calling for taxpayer-funded abortions for transgender women or denigrating the American flag, Castro is advocating for open borders and supporting more illegal immigration. His proposal to decriminalize illegal border crossings became a litmus test among the Democrat candidates, and he has consistently demonstrated his party’s commitment to putting illegal aliens first, before the well-being of U.S. citizens. When an American woman said she was victimized by an illegal, Castro heartlessly replied, “crime happens.” Castro also couldn’t name a single type of person he wouldn’t let enter our country illegally. Like Castro, Biden is an open-borders immigration extremist, supporting sanctuary cities, a ban on all deportations, and free health care for illegals. If Biden ever forgets what his radical friends want him to do, Castro will be sure to remind him.

Former Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards: When it comes to ending the lives of Black babies and selling their body parts for profit, Richards has “a great deal of heft and lift to her,” as Biden would say. For years, Richards perpetuated the lie that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms while demanding taxpayers be forced to send more of their money to the giant abortion corporation. Biden opposed taxpayer-funded abortion for nearly half a century, but weakly submitted to the abortion extremists in the Democrat Party last year and reversed his opposition. Biden now proudly supports unlimited, unrestricted, taxpayer-funded abortions of babies for any reason, all the way up to the moment they are born – just the way Cecile Richards likes it.

Former Congressman Beto O’Rourke (who is not Latino, contrary to what Biden thinks): When he’s not smearing thousands of patriotic Americans as Nazis or denigrating the American flag, O’Rourke is wishing Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh had not received the death penalty and saying he wants to tax churches who disagree with his beliefs. But nowhere is O’Rourke’s extremism more evident than when it comes to taking away Americans’ Second Amendment rights. He famously threatened to send law enforcement door to door across America to confiscate citizens’ guns by force. Even after that, Biden hired Beto’s campaign manager and declared that he would appoint Beto to “take care of the gun problem” in a Biden Administration.

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