May 28, 2020

Top 8 Moments from Joe Biden’s Embarrassingly Disastrous, Epically Boring Livestream

Despite his campaign’s recent hiring spree, Joe Biden’s glitch-laden teleprompter-reading sessions aren’t getting any better. In fact, his livestream with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf was a big step backwards. It’s clear the technical difficulties aren’t the only problem: Joe Biden is a terrible candidate who was terrible well before he lost his fastball.

Here are the top 8 moments from Biden’s livestream yesterday:

1. Struggling to use his teleprompter, Biden interrupts Gov. Wolf to tell someone off screen to “go back to the top.”

2. Biden gives Gov. Wolf the sleepiest, least enthusiastic introduction ever. 

 3. Biden can’t remember the cost of the 2009 stimulus package he claims he managed.

4. Biden mixes up the attack on Pearl Harbor with D-Day. 

 5. Biden confuses the date that his home state of Delaware declared its independence – a fact he got right in 2013.

6.  Gov. Wolf’s reaction to what Buzzfeed described as “a pretty loud fart noise.”

7. Gov. Wolf telling noted plagiarist Joe Biden that plagiarism is wrong.

8. Biden gets lost without a teleprompter before asking staff to “put that back on.” 

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