April 10, 2017

Trump calls to thank Navy commanders of warships USS Ross, USS Porter that conducted Syria strike

President Trump personally called the commanding officers of the two U.S. destroyers that fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles against Syria last week.

Trump called Cmdr. Russell Caldwell of the USS Ross and Cmdr. Andria Slough of the USS Porter on Sunday to thank them and their crews "for their professionalism and quick response" to the strike order, a Navy press release said.

A White House photo showed Trump on the phone at his desk on Air Force One with national security adviser H.R. McMaster sitting across from him.

The Navy released photos of Slough and Caldwell each on the phone with the commander in chief.

"The success of this mission hinged upon our sailors' excellent training, technical knowledge and dedication to their work," Caldwell said in a Navy statement. "It was a distinct honor to hear firsthand from our commander in chief that these operations had a direct impact in support of his national objectives."

Slough said, "In general, the president was impressed with Porter's precision and lethality. It was obvious he was extremely pleased with our performance and is glad we're out here patrolling in U.S. 6th Fleet."

The two warships are based in Rota, Spain.

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