March 31, 2020

Trump Campaign Announces Launch of ‘America’s Sheriffs for Trump’

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. today announced the launch of 'America’s Sheriffs for Trump,' a coalition to commemorate the service and sacrifices made by America’s sheriffs and their deputies. Co-chaired by Sheriff Bunny Welsh (ret) of Pennsylvania and Sheriff Thomas Hodgson of Massachusetts, this coalition will aim to unite and mobilize sheriffs and all law enforcement officers across the country to help re-elect President Trump for four more years.

“President Trump understands how crucial our law enforcement officers are to the safety and well being of this country and has made it a priority to honor, cherish, and support our men and women in blue,” said Sheriff Bunny Welsh (ret). “Unlike those on the radical left who blatantly attack, accuse, and demonize law enforcement officials, President Trump has and will always work to ensure these heroes are supported and honored for their selfless service.”

Supporters can join the 'America’s Sheriffs for Trump' coalition by visiting or texting “SHERIFFS” to 88022.

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