August 05, 2020

Trump Campaign Fights Nevada Democrats’ Unconstitutional Attack on Election Integrity

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., along with the Republican National Committee and the Nevada Republican Party, filed suit Tuesday night in the United States District Court for the District of Nevada to invalidate Nevada Democrats’ unconstitutional Assembly Bill 4 (AB4), which systematically attacks election integrity and tears down key election security safeguards, putting millions of Nevadans’ ballots at risk this November. This unlawful legislation mandates universal vote-by-mail in Nevada and allows ballots cast after Election Day to be included in the state’s results.

“Every American who is eligible to vote should be able to freely do so,” the lawsuit states. “Republicans have always supported efforts to make it easier for voters to cast their ballot. At the same time, however, the electoral process cannot function properly if it lacks integrity and results in chaos. Put simply, the American people must be able to trust that the result is the product of a free and fair election.”

Jenna Ellis, Trump 2020 Senior Legal Advisor: “Democrats know President Trump is gaining ground in Nevada, so they fully and fundamentally overhauled Nevada’s election laws in a rushed 72-hour attempt to rig the election. This unconstitutional legislation implements the exact universal vote-by-mail system President Trump has been warning against for months, making it nearly impossible for every Nevada voter’s ballot to count. Nevada Democrats are allowing ballots cast after Election Day to count, practically inviting Nevada’s elected liberal leaders to hold the election open until their political operatives harvest enough ballots to swing the election in their favor—ultimately delaying the election. President Trump will not stand for this attack on election integrity, and he is fighting to protect Nevada’s right to vote.”

Ronna McDaniel, RNC Chairman: “Democrats changed the rules of the game at the last minute to try and rig this election. They overturned a bipartisan ballot harvesting ban to allow strangers to pick up a ballot for anyone, including the most vulnerable to COVID-19, and have thrown out many important safeguards. Nevadans saw the dangers of automatically mailing ballots during their June primary. The integrity of the election was at risk then, and it is even more so now. AB4 will destroy the confidence every voter deserves to have in our elections."

Nevada Democrats’ unconstitutional law:

  • Implements the chaos-ridden universal vote-by-mail system President Trump has consistently warned against
  • Requires the state to blindly mail every voter—verified or not—a ballot, whether they want one or not
  • Allows ballots cast after Election Day to count, legalizing Democrats’ efforts to hold the election open until their political operatives harvest enough ballots to swing the election in their favor
  • Makes Nevada the first place where ballot harvesters can openly harvest ballots after Election Day
  • Invites the chaos and voter disenfranchisement seen in New York City’s and California’s primaries into Nevada during the general election
  • Permits paid ballot harvesters to fill out ballots on behalf of voters 65+ under the guise of “voter assistance,” legalizing intimidation of older voters
  • Opens the door to fraud by allowing multiple ballots to be mailed back to the election office in a single envelope, though the bill ironically provides for each mailed ballot’s prepaid return postage
  • Effectively makes it impossible for results to be delivered in Nevada on Election Night

The Trump campaign’s lawsuit seeks to:

  • Invalidate AB4 as unconstitutional
  • Prevent the state’s liberal leadership from enforcing the legislation

To read the full lawsuit filing, click here.

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