June 19, 2020

Trump campaign launches “Barely There Biden” website

President Trump’s re-election campaign today launched a new website, BarelyThereBiden.com, to detail Joe Biden’s descent into incoherence throughout his third campaign for president. The site contains video lowlights of Biden’s disjointed ramblings from this campaign, but also relays important episodes, such as Biden’s failure to take a cognitive function test and his misremembering when his two brain aneurisms occurred. Other Democrats are also featured expressing dismay about Biden’s “declining” capacity.

Click here to visit BarelyThereBiden.com

“Anyone who watches Joe Biden speak for more than a minute can tell that he is barely there,” said Tim Murtaugh, Trump 2020 communications director. “As the President says, ‘Joe has lost his fastball.’ It’s important for voters to see the difference between the vibrant, quick-witted leadership of President Trump and the sleepy, meandering confusion of Joe Biden.”

The Trump campaign has also launched another website, TheTruthOverFacts.com, which houses mini-documentaries exploring the possibility of hidden meanings behind Biden’s incoherent utterances.

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