August 07, 2020

Trump Campaign Launches Four Radio Ads, Exposing Joe Biden’s Fervent Support of Widespread Abortion

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. announced the launch of four new radio ads, exposing Joe Biden's fervent support of widespread, late-term abortion funded by the tax dollars of hardworking New Mexicans.

Click Here to Listen: Abortos
Click Here to Listen: Fatal

Click Here to Listen: Life
Click Here to Listen: Infanticide

Joe Biden has caved to the radical left and Planned Parenthood, supporting late-term abortion and infanticide, despite the 69.8% of New Mexicans that oppose these disgusting actions. Biden's pledge to be the most progressive candidate is proven by his mission to fund abortions until the moment of birth with Americans' hard-earned tax dollars. Not to mention his vow to severely rollback abortion regulations, endangering not only the lives of unborn babies, but women as well. The Democrat party's blatant disrespect for human life must be stopped, and the only way these heinous acts will end is if the American people take action and vote to re-elect President Trump in November. 

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