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April 16, 2018

Trump Campaign Praises Drop in Food Stamp Enrollment

New jobs mean dignity through productivity is making a comeback in America

NEW YORK, NY – Today the USDA announced a one-month reduction in food stamp enrollment of nearly 600,000 people, further adding to the overall reduction in food stamp enrollment of 2 million people in President Trump’s first year in office. While food stamp enrollment dramatically increased throughout the Obama administration, the news from the USDA today demonstrates that President Trump’s economic policies are bringing hard working Americans back into the workforce and able-bodied adults off government assistance.
“Donald Trump understands the dignity that comes from a hard day’s work, and thanks to his economic policies, more Americans are in line to fulfill the American dream because less able-bodied Americans are in line to receive assistance from the government,” said Lara Trump, Senior Advisor to Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. “As the President will discuss in his tax cuts roundtable for small businesses in Hialeah, Florida today, this good news from the USDA about food stamps is further proof that President Trump’s policies of deregulation and tax cuts is reaching American households in record numbers. Democrats who oppose such relief for hard working Americans will unfortunately never learn that under the President’s leadership, less is more: less government burden results in more jobs and more take home pay for millions of American families. Thanks to President Trump’s pro-growth economic policies, dignity through productivity is making a comeback in America,” she concluded.

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