September 16, 2020

Trump campaign statement on Big Ten returning to football

“This is huge news, not just for college football fans, but for all Americans looking for key indicators that we can reopen our society and our economy, and do so safely. President Trump has been publicly advocating for the Big Ten and other conferences to return to the field, directly engaging with the Conference and Commissioner Warren, and it’s a triumph to see the unanimous vote of the member schools to begin the football schedule next month. Important in their decision were the vast progress in same-day coronavirus testing capabilities and improvements in general public health, proving that the President’s unprecedented response to a public health crisis is working. College football is an enormous part of fall Saturdays for millions of Americans, and it is coming back, thanks in no small part to the leadership of President Trump.  We know that Joe Biden would not have pushed for this, since he has looked for every reason to keep our country closed for as long as possible, because he believes it would help him politically.”

- Bill Stepien, Trump 2020 campaign manager

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