August 07, 2020

Trump campaign statement on Intelligence Community election threat assessment

“In 2016 it was the Democrats who actively solicited help from foreign nationals in an unsuccessful effort to beat President Trump, and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Democrat operatives were once again up to no good. If anyone should face questions about foreign interference in 2020, it’s Joe Biden’s campaign. We don’t need or want foreign interference, and President Trump will beat Joe Biden fair and square. The intelligence community’s assessment that both China and Iran are trying to stop President Trump’s re-election is concerning, but clearly because he has held them accountable after years of coddling by politicians like Joe Biden. The Trump Administration has been tougher on Russia than any administration in history, imposing sanctions and expelling diplomats, in contrast with the Obama-Biden administration, which choked in the face of Russian interference after Susan Rice gave the ‘stand down’ order and let Russia get away with it.”

- Tim Murtaugh, Trump 2020 communications director

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