September 23, 2020

Trump campaign statement on Joe Biden’s Black Economic Summit

“Black Americans don’t have to imagine what the economy would be like under Joe Biden because they’ve already lived through it. He oversaw the slowest recovery since the Great Depression, with stagnant wage growth and anemic job creation. And Blacks also know all about Biden’s brand of white liberal condescension, where he takes our votes for granted and believes we all think alike and are quite possibly drug addicts. We also know that Biden has a history of praising racist, segregationist senators from the past and working with them to keep schools from integrating through busing. President Trump, on the other hand, has a real record of accomplishments for the Black community, including achieving record-low unemployment prior to the global pandemic and dedicating more funding to Historically Black Colleges and Universities than any president before him. The President enacted historic criminal justice reform, reuniting families and giving people a second chance at life, and strongly champions school choice, so that kids are not kept trapped in failing schools. On the facts, President Trump is a far better choice for Black Americans and it isn’t even a close call.”

- Katrina Pierson, Trump 2020 senior advisor

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