September 17, 2020

Trump campaign statement on Joe Biden’s CNN town hall

“Virtually every question for Joe Biden was an invitation for him to attack President Trump, while moderator Anderson Cooper offered almost no pushback, giving Biden a total pass on his lies and misrepresentations. At no time did anyone question Biden about his economic record or his plan to raise taxes by $4 trillion while the economy is in rapid recovery. At no time did anyone ask Biden why he opposed President Trump’s travel restrictions on China at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, which experts say saved thousands of American lives. And at no time did Biden offer any examples of anything he would have done differently to combat the virus, despite six months of relentless criticism of the President’s response. He did, however, manage to lie by claiming he said in January it was a pandemic and that the President did not mention the threat of the coronavirus in his State of the Union speech. And he managed to obfuscate on fracking, by claiming he’d support the natural gas industry just long enough to kill it. This was classic Joe Biden: untethered to the facts, his own record, or reality.”

- Tim Murtaugh, Trump 2020 communications director

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